How to Make Mayhaw Jelly

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For most mayhaw lovers, the jelly is where it’s at. This traditional Southern fruit has long been admired for the delicious jelly it creates, and making it is no more difficult than any jelly. With only a few supplies and little time, you can concoct enough jelly in a day to last you all year long. However, if you have never done any canning before, be sure to completely and carefully sterilize all equipment (usually by submerging it in boiling water). If you have a jelly jar with a broken seal or bubbles on the surface, NEVER use it. Botulism...

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Introducing the Mayhaw

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Introducing the Mayhaw The mayhaw, once a staple food of the South, experienced a falling off in popularity within the fifty years. Primarily, this was caused by the loss of habitat. Since it thrives in moist, shaded areas, overdevelopment removed many mayhaw sources. However, this delicious fruit, similar in taste and texture to cranberries or small cherries, is making a huge comeback in produce circles. Southern Tradition Southern families would commonly go on mayhaw picking excursions, spending the day picking mayhaws from trees or even in boats along creek or river edges and then enjoying a picnic. One of the major uses of...

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Mayhaw Gaining Popularity

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Mayhaw emerges from US swamps as cultivated fruit delicacy * Bright red fruit traditionally made into jelly * More orchards planted in US South as popularity grows By Suzi Parker EL DORADO, Ark., May 6 (Reuters) - Food lovers in the U.S. South, get ready for the mayhaw. The small, bright red fruit that resembles a cherry is quickly becoming a sought-after delicacy in the region, where it has made its way from the swamp to the cultivated fields of commercial orchards in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. El Dorado, a town 100 miles (161 km) south of Little Rock on the Louisiana state line, rolled out...

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